Family and General Dentistry Close to Home

Welcome to Our Dental Home!

At The Stockyards Dental we believe in providing “Dentistry from the Heart”!What makes us different is that We Care!

We care about how you feel, what you want, and where you see yourself with your oral and overall health.

My team and I are passionate about providing you with individualized , personalized, exceptional, caring, latest technology, comfortable care, in a customer friendly environment full of smiles!

Remember in our office it is all about you!

We offer a wide range of advanced state of the art dentistry in an echo friendly environment.

For your convenience we have brought in dentists that offer orthodontic treatments and surgical treatments so that you do not have to be referred out to other offices.

I know it is very normal for many patients to feel nervous or anxious about their dental care. The dentists at The Stockyards Dental take this very seriously and have advanced training to help YOU feel more comfortable.

By having a more relaxed, gentle, personalized experience we always ensure we exceed your needs!

I feel that The Stockyards Dental is one of the best dental practices in the Stockyards area! It is a dental practice  filled with passionate people, people that care about the community and about making a difference in peoples lives!

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Dr Melissa Argenta von Schober



Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing outstanding and exceptional

service to our valued neighborhood!

Our Goal is to achieve optimal health for our patients our

neighborhood and our community in whole!

We exist to attract and maintain patients!

When we adhere to this maxim everything will fall into place!

The excellence in our care will exceed the expectations of our community!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be The Greatest Dental Office in the Stockyards Area.

We will honor each others values and differences.

We will be faithful and supportive to people.

We will communicate and act truthfully.

We will build long term relationships.

We will achieve the highest levels of professional excellence and patient satisfaction.

We will focus on  high quality, patient specific care, with both passion and pride.

We as a team will engage in activities that demonstrate our responsibility not only to our patients and their families but to the community we serve.

We will provide Dentistry from the Heart!