Bite Adjustment


                          Bite Adjustment

By adjusting your bite we are adjusting the tension that exists during normal biting. Adjusting and equally distributing the biting pressure on a tooth decreases the detachment of the jaw and relieves extreme pressure on the supporting gum and bone structures.

A dental adjustment consists of a few simple steps. We will ask you where you feel uncomfortable contact in your mouth. We might ask you to clench your teeth down on paper to determine where the uneven bite occurs. Then we will start to alter your bite by gently grinding the occlusal (biting)  surfaces of your teeth where there are obstructions to your bite. This will be done in small increments to avoid unnecessary grinding. We will check your bite at a few stages to make sure any new problem areas are dealt with.

At that point, you will be requested to sit up, and we will check your bite again to guarantee all obstructions have been removed and that you have proper occlusion and your teeth meet cleanly and comfortably.

A second appointment might be scheduled to check your occlusion(bite) again and if needed at that time we can make extra adjustments. Treatment is complete when your teeth sit together comfortably.