General Treatment

At The Stockyards Dental we offer a number of General Procedures Including:


New Patient Comprehensive Examinations,

Consultations and Regular Check-Ups
Comprehensive oral examinations,

Digital radiography,

Diagnostic impressions,

Periodontal (gum) disease diagnosis and

Custom treatment plans


Gum Treatment

Regular Check-Ups,

Cleanings, deep cleanings,

Non surgical gum therapy ,

Gum grafts,

Pocket reduction surgery,

Non-surgical perio therapy (gum therapy ),

Laser Treatment of Cold sores and ulcers


Disease Prevention
Oral cancer screening,

Fluoride treatments,

Periodontal treatment


Root Canal Treatments
Root canal treatments and treatment of trauma/accidents to the teeth


Repairing and Replacing Teeth
Porcelain crowns and bridges,

White plastic fillings,


Full and partial dentures

Extraction of wisdom teeth and teeth that cannot be restored

Children’s dentistry:

We specialize in children off all ages

        Our gentle touch and caring professional team will keep you smiling for many years to come!